Back-Office Operational Support

June 24, 2022

Number of subordinates: None
Level: 2
Time span: Permanent

Core purpose:
• The role is responsible for the effective management and analysis of the Mobile Money merchant lifecycle and ensuring the integrity of the process.


• Highly dynamic and fluctuating Telecommunications industry
• Within the legal, regulatory and commercial environment of South Africa (ICASA, FICA, Banks Act, Immigration Act, South African Passports and Travel Documents Act, etc).
• Fast paced operational environment
• Context changes in terms of technology advancements
• Trends influencing the Quality Management Industry
• Customer Operations Business Unit Strategy and Drivers
• Performing a balancing act between the requirements of business and customer expectation in 24 hour, seven days-a-week, all year environment
• Pressurized environment that requires dedication to deliver superior customer services
Key Performance Areas: Core, essential responsibilities / outputs of the position (KPA’s)

Task complexity:
ECW Administrative functions
• Manage the Mobile Money Merchant dispute handling process
• Manage the Mobile Money Merchant onboarding process
• Monitor the Mobile Money System Audit Trail
• Manage and process the PIN Reset process through authentication for Mobile Money Merchants
• Execute and manage the Mobile Money Access Request process for internal users from end to end
• Manage the ECW internal user profiles, roles and permissions providing monthly reports
• Perform daily testing on all ECW features (card acceptance, MoMo acceptance, Cash acceptance VAS purchases, merchant liquidations, etc.)
• Perform reversals of merchant and/or customer funds
• Execute suspensions, revivals and live cycle of customer wallets

Mobile Money Operations
• Run MIS reports and produce statistics for trend analysis and other variables (e.g. number of new accounts opened)
• Manage turnaround times for merchant support as per the Service Level Agreement concluded with front-line units and trade marketers
• Take ownership and manage the storage and access of all KYC (Know-Your-Customer) documentation ensuring the availability of electronic back-up copies and ease of retrieval
• Register all merchants within the agreed turnaround times as stipulated in the Service Level Agreement on ECW and AddPay platforms
• Execute the testing of all new Mobile Money products, promotions ensuring adherence to MFS operational business rules as well as product-specific business rules
• Take responsibility for all back-office process risk and audit management issues as well as anti-money laundering issues
• Follow up on the resolution and closure of all remedy incidents that have been logged
• Differentiate between the various types of merchants and apply appropriate administrative policies and procedures
• Compile daily reports on the review of MSISDN updates, PIN resets and adjustments
• Analyse all transactions and report on any anti-money laundering alerts
• Assess and provide input into the streamlining of the documentation process with emphasis on improvement and innovation

Reporting & Insights
• Assist in preparing regulatory compliance reports with regards to Anti-Money laundering and other legislation
• Compile high level reports daily outlining KPIs for the MFS Back-Office business unit
• Compile and present detailed reports on a weekly basis on KPIs and the overall administrative back-office performance
• Compile and present detail reports on monthly back-office performance of the MFS business unit.
• Collaborate with MFS Sales & Distribution and Other Business unit to compile management reports pertaining to the MFS business unit
• Support internal MFS stakeholders on ad-hoc reporting and insights requirements for decision-making

Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Complexity:
• None, but need to “manage” stakeholders within MFS and across the organisation.
Role Complexity:
• Ad hoc involvement in deep-dive performance analysis and insights gathering.

Lateral Dimensions: These indicate the areas where the individuals could contribute uniquely in addition to the indicated duties, as
well as how they could be affected by others or circumstances not necessarily under their control.

Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent)

• Recommend changes to improve and simplify Back-Office Policies, Procedures, Processes and Anti-Money Laundering reporting systems
• Highlight potential problems and opportunities in different areas of the business
• Recommend innovative solutions to enhance MFS’s performance
• Deploy and redeploy resources in the most effective way
• Make continuous improvements at system, process and procedure level
• Encourage continuous service improvement
• Implement cost-saving activities
• Network extensively and build and maintain relationships (internal and external)
• Encourage service excellence through the introduction of new technology
• Introduce and promote the use of cost-saving processes
• Make high-level recommendations in terms of customer complaint evaluation focusing on quality, scope and methodology

Vulnerabilities (control span)

• Changes in South African regulatory environment
• Reliance on the stability and availability of systems
• Non-achievement of turnaround times
• Team performance issues
• Working across functional silos in the MTN organisation
• High transaction volumes with high values can lead to oversight and/ or errors
• Breach of confidentiality
• Fraud and white collar crime
• Limited resources
• Competition acts
• Ineffective support from key stakeholders
• Customer dissatisfaction
• Staff and skills unavailability
• Prescriptive regulatory environment impacting on solution development
• Output is often influenced by resource allocation and very short deadlines.

Collaboration: Refers to formal and informal relationships
Responsibility towards:
• Direct reports: None
• Matrix: none
• Key customers: MTN SA MFS departments, MoMoPay Merchants
• Key suppliers: AddPay, Group MFS, internal and regional MFS stakeholders
• Relations: AML, Home Affairs, SARB
Discretionary Space: The degree to which individuals can exercise independent thought and judgment.
Independent thought and judgment:
• Authorisations and escalation of customer complaints
• Choice of appropriate corrective actions for minimising financial risk
• Dissemination of information
• Team motivation
• Service Level Agreement compliance
• System, process and procedure fine-tuning / development to achieve business objectives
• Decision-making that is effective and responsible for profit and customer / business sustainability and growth
• Implement efficiencies and effect of systems and processes
• As per delegation of authority
Minimum Requirements
• 3-year Degree / Diploma preferred
• Matriculation Certificate
• Global Experience Standards (5)

2-year experience in in an area of specialisation focusing on teamwork in medium to large organizations

• Time management training
• Training on products and services
• Systems training e.g. ECW and AddPay Merchant Terminal
• Computer training
• Network training
• Remedy Initiation
• Response etiquette (email and telephonic)
• Quality standards
General working conditions (e.g. shift work, driver’s license, specific tools, special clothing, environmental requirements, etc.)
• Standard office conditions
• Flexible working hours dependant on deadlines, activations and operational needs

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