Financial Services Back-Office Manager

June 24, 2022

Job Location: Johannesburg
Job Level: Level 3
Mission/ Core purpose of the Job:

Facilitate the execution of all Merchant Back-Office activities and provide assistance to the GM: MFS Operations.

Job Specifications/ Minimum & Preferred Requirements
Education / Business Degree
• Recognized 3-year tertiary degree or diploma
• IT, System Administrator knowledge
• Fluent in English
Work Experience
• Minimum of 3 years post-qualification experience with, at least, 3 years in telecommunications and Mobile Financial Services or Banking sector
• 2 years of proven experience as a Back-Office Manager or 2 years as a Back-Office Analyst within the Mobile Financial Services or Banking industry
• Very good working knowledge of Back-Office tasks in a telco/financial institution.
• Experience in producing User Requirement Documentation.
• Experience in managing teams.
Industry / Certifications
Any other specifications
• Proven track record of technical and specialised know-how around Mobile Financial Services/financial institution Back-Office
• Abreast of global and regional mindset & best practices relating to Mobile Financial Services
• Emerging markets/ multi-cultural experience
• Ability to learn fast and master the trends in a relatively new Mobile Financial Services industry
• Willing and flexible to travel extensively throughout SA to provide support and training.
• Be able to work under pressure in a fluid, demanding, growing and complex Mobile Financial Services environment
• Able to manage multiple assignments and agile to adapt to new challenges
• Strong written and communication skills
• Confident and assertive with a positive attitude

• Ability to implement and develop strong implementation plans for strategies to overcome complex and ever evolving business and industry challenges
• Good knowledge of the Mobile Financial Services risk management environment
• A very good understanding of the MTN business, products and services
• Financial / Numeracy
• Decision making processes
• Emerging markets / multi-cultural experience
• Telecommunications or Banking industries
• Good knowledge of Mobile Financial Services
• Good awareness of mobile technology best practices
• Understanding the regulated environment
• Ability to work with multiple Heads of Department within MTN SA
• Dispute resolution
• Flexible and analytical
• Leadership and influencing
• Ability to transfer, tolerate or terminate risks
• Ability to adapt and openness to learn new trends and skills
• Ability to align MTN SA and MTN Group standards to international best practice and local regulatory environments
• Ability to manage and develop teams
• Ability to hire the right people, get the best out of people and make sound people management decisions
• Conflict management
• Planning and Negotiation
• People management
• Team collaboration
Behavioral Qualities
• Decisive Problem Solver
• Value Creator
• Global and regional perspectives and focus, rather than driving a local agenda
• Culture and Change Translator
• Inspiring People Leader
• Stakeholder Influencer
• Innovator
• Leadership & Result Achiever
• Adaptable
• Culturally aware
• Emotional maturity
• Innovation

Key Performance Areas Measures (KPIs for job)
Key Job Responsibilities
Process Owner of all MFS Merchant Processes
• Design and develop all detailed business processes for the MFS business unit relating to the MoMoPay project
• Identify all Mobile Money / AddPay system integration points, customer care touchpoints and shared processes and resources
• Engage all these GSM stakeholders and workshop their existing business processes and plan the integration processes in anticipation of the MoMoPay Launch with AddPay
• Maintain and improve all the Back-Office business processes over time
• Play a critical role in rolling out new mobile money services in terms of the high-level design documentation, funds flows designs, architectural system design and technical system integrations
• Compilation of full Policy, procedure and process documents as per the new MTN Group policy and compliance to the ISO standards.
As per business plan
Mobile Money Merchant (MoMoPay) Back Office Start-up
• Assemble a growing team of back-office administrators. Start with 6 BO administrators
• Co-ordinate the team interaction and escalations initiated by the Mobile Money Customer Care Call centre
• Laisse with Stay Contactable and manage the SLA with the external supplier for the Mobile Money back office Athena Portal for all MoMo entity onboarding
• Laisse with AddPay (main MoMoPay partner and merchant terminal supplier) to manage the SLA’s and co-existance of merchants on the AddPay system and ECW system.
• Manage SLA’s with MFS Sales & Distribution team in connection with onboarding of MoMo merchants
• Provide guidance and assistance to back office team members in eyeballing process in the onboarding kyc journey
• Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports and dashboards for facilitating the Momo merchant creation daily performance
• Ensure timely response to queries of all nature
• Make sure other Back-Office tasks are performed swiftly
• Investigate queries created and follow up, if necessary, with local Risk and Compliance
• Report all fraud cases to local Risk and Compliance
• Timely manage agent and accounts blocked following Sanctions screening
• Ensure documents belonging to agents and subscribers are safeguarded and easily accessible
• Provide Back-Office refresher training where and when needed.
Understand the impact of potential changes driven by the regulators, industry, marketplace, and/or legal environment and devise strategy to influence them in the best interest.

Ericson Converged Wallet (ECW) System Administrator
• Lead the teams that perform user acceptance testing (UAT) on all mobile money related system ie: ECW, Athena portal, Contactable app, MoMo USSD, Risk Secure AML tool, ECW partner portal & AddPay Merchant Terminal Management System
• Compile all test cases for all patch releases and functional releases to the ECW greater environment
• Regression testing after all software releases to ECW and related platforms.
• Implement change management logs and audit trials
• Owner of ECW System and AddPay Terminal Management Systems configuration documents containing all of the MoMo customer profiles, transaction limits, tarifs, commissions and fees
• Require detailed knowledge of the ECW platform functionality, structure, user interfaces
• Owner of all internal MTN user access control to ECW
• Maintenace of all internal user profiles and permissions attached to profiles
Athena KYC Customer Onboarding Tool System Administrator
• Athena Mobile Money KYC Onboarding tool / portal system user
• Lead the teams that perform user acceptance testing (UAT) on Athena portal, Contactable app, MoMo USSD, ECW portal integrations re Merchant onboarding
• Require detailed knowledge of the Athena platform functionality, structure and integrations with Home Affairs and other external interfaces for KYC validations
• Owner of all internal MTN user access control to the Athena Portal
Training of Entire Business on Mobile Money
• Develop all training materials together with the MTN internal training team
• Hands-on training for all internal MTN ECW users (MFS, Revenue Assurance, Finance, Customer Care, Entire BRC channel, External Distribution channel
• AML competency training for all internal staff as part of SARB and FIC requirements
Staff Leadership and Management
• Provide leadership, role clarity and training where required to a team of approximately 6 direct reports
• Ensure open communication channels with Back-Office staff and implement change management interventions where necessary
• Implement a Back-Office training plan in order to build and develop skills
• Promote a ‘MTN centric’ and ‘partnership approach’ to develop strong relationships with other working groups and ensure adherence to the MFS Group governance As per business plan
 Manage and resolve issues that will result in severe time, scope, productivity and cost or resource impact
 Resolution of issues escalated

 Evaluate and anticipate threats and exploit opportunities for MTN SA’s short and long-term sustainability
 Build new sources of business through methodical and systematic business development practices As per business plan
 Report on an ad-hoc basis on specific management requirements as and when necessary
 Produce daily, weekly, monthly, annually and ad-hoc reports and dashboards on risk management tasks
 Report to all MTN SA structures as may be required from time to time As per business plan
 Help oversee budgets in line with the set DoAs, business objectives and facilitate forecasting As per business plan
Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities
• Support GM FinOps on major projects with Group MFS
• Implement decisions on staff training, development needs and necessary actions.
Role Dependencies
MTN Policies and Procedures

Stakeholders Landscape
Internal Stakeholders: Interaction and Relationship GM: Financial Services Operations
GM: MFS Products and Services
SM: MFS Risk and Compliance
AddPay Chief Marketing Officer
AddPay Chief Technical Officer
External Stakeholders: Interaction and Relationship RSA Regulators
MFS partners (Athena, Ericsson, Group MFS)

Discretionary Space (if applicable)
Decision Making Constraints: Not Applicable
Authorities: As per delegation of authority
Authority to ensure alignment to business / divisional strategies
Expenditure, conformance with budgets as per delegation
Negative Indicators Not Applicable

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