Senior Manager (Client & Sales Operations)

June 26, 2022

The primary competencies are:

The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic well networked professional who ensures the company implements the sales strategies to excel at Client management and sales operations. The position requires a good general insight into the payment industry and how to optimise the salesforce infrastructure. The position requires engaging with key clients and the DevOps team to deliver excellent products and services. The norm is working regular office hours but also being available in the event of major client needs.  You must be able to handle commercial engagements with corporate clients and to finalise projects on time.

The primary characteristics of the incumbent are:

An intelligent, people-focussed, reliable, tech savvy professional with good communication skills including the ability to explain the company’s value proposition in layman’s terms.  We are looking for a positive problem-solving approach to industry challenges.

Commencement Date: 1st July 2022
Cost-to-company Salary: R52,000 for three months’ probation, R59,000 thereafter
Leave: 15 workdays per annum (1.25 workdays per month)


Responsibility span:

  • Organisational excellence in Sales Operations
  • Key Client relationships and project rollouts
  • Merchant Onboarding processes and User Interfaces for all levels
  • Acquirer Merchant Operations
  • Implement marketing directives (incl. digital)
  • Create and sustain the playing field to achieve revenue targets



  • Experience in sales / marketing and sales management
  • Must have relevant tertiary or Batchelors Degree
  • Experience in card-present and payment processing:
    • Card and EFT rails
    • Acquiring Banking
    • Payment industry
  • Able to engage with people well and build strong relationships
  • Get satisfaction from team’s track record in exceeding client expectations
  • Can organize staff and tools into efficient production units



  • Staff, Contractors and Labour Brokers
  • Specify software and ERP needs for supporting sales to the dev (platforms & apps).
  • Manage merchant acquisition from sales through contracting and onboarding.
  • Commercial aspects of Cashier App, Partner and Acquirer integrations.
  • Commercial relationships with Acquirers for Device Hosting and Scheme Compliance.
  • Merchant Training Team and escalations (Train in L1 sales & L2 support escalations).
  • Manage and optimize support channels (Ticketing, VoIP & WhatsApp).
  • Manage Sales division within budget:
    • Training for sales and Merchant activation,
    • Empower Client Call Centres and Regional Staff with Merchant sales training,
    • Manage Merchant Onboarding & Termination processes,
    • Track and report effectiveness of support escalations to Exco,
    • Implement appropriate scheme updates and compliance.
    • Ensuring revenue targets are achieved
  • Reporting to Chief Marketing Officer.

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