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Project Clients

Companies that want cutting edge payment platforms in their businesses contact us to tailor-make payment solutions for them.
MTN uses AddPay terminals as business tools as well as our collections platform for recurring payments. MTN’s Momo app sits on our open android canvas where value-added services like airtime, data, electricity are sold together with the wealth of options offered through the wallet.
SEDA procured and supplied devices to SEDA-sponsored businesses across South Africa as part of a global drive to move to a less-cash society.
Airdosh uses AddPay devices at events and concerts. Most recently, the Electric Grand Prix in Cape Town and the Imagine Dragons concerts.

Basically, any business in need of brilliant, flexible payment options


Distributors receive a buy rate from AddPay to enable them to negotiate an MDR with each of their merchants.

POS software companies loading their Android software onto our devices like Odek, Odyssey, Bizzfo, BestPOS, MetaPOS, Waitre are some of our great distributors.
Payment companies offering their payment methods on our devices like LayUp, RealPay and CallPay
Africa-based companies wishing to distribute payment services in their countries.
VAS companies with many business clients, like CallAll, sell their 101Dialer through AddPay devices.


Resellers share in the MDR income by signing up merchants. Resellers can be any business including:

Businesses with a large network of business clients, like Mudhouse and Wozacom
Insurance companies with business policyholders
Business Process Outsourcing businesses
Personal loans companies
Business loans companies
Payments companies
Computer companies


Any business that collects money from the same clients on a regular basis, whether it’s recurring debit orders or repeat card payments. They include:

Gyms | Insurance Companies | Schools, Colleges, Universities | Security Companies | Tracking Companies | Medicals Aid | Subscriptions | Donations

Maties Gym, MTN, Academic Institute and Wolf Security are some of our collections clients.

*With TT3 electronic mandates through DebiCheck your debit orders are now more powerful than ever before. With a chip and pin on our devices you can ensure that debit orders are paid first and cannot be cancelled by the debtor.


Online stores and businesses in need of a payment portal for their ecommerce stores.Clients:


Pharma Botanicals

O Nutricia


Bullet Corp

ISO Partners, PSP Partners (Aggregators)

Businesses, like DebiBridge, that have their own buy rate from the bank wishing to use AddPay’s platforms can benefit from the bank onboarding and settling their clients. These businesses use our platform to grow and not concern themselves with PCI and PASA compliance. These businesses use us to grow.

Companies wanting to be a full-blown, stand-alone payments businesses without having to go through the compliance headaches, use our immaculate platforms and devices to run their businesses. These businesses do their own onboarding and settlements. Nedbank, ABSA, Tabbs and WAPPoint are our two major partners.

Payment Methods

Auto EFT
Debit Orders