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Payment and Collection Solutions

Providing payment solutions, hardware and merchant-through-switch payment platforms.

AddPay enables integration with a variety of payment solutions with powerful platforms to administer merchants and their transactions.



AddPay offers professional encryption payment solutions e-Commerce

Merchants: Secure, robust, mobile Android Terminals.
Payment methods: Card, QR and NFC payments.
ISO/PSP: PayCloud Merchant Management & Terminal Management solutions
Distributors: Deploy your third-party Apps (Android) to your Clients.

The Collections Platform enables customer choice of Card, Debit Order or EFT payment methods.
Convenience with online customer signups.
Flexibility with automatic recurring collections.
Minimise unpaids with auto-recovery links.

For developers of E-commerce platforms who want flexible payments for their checkout platforms.

For companies with developers that do their own checkout. Our API provides you with RESTful access to our web services. We provide both test mode and live mode API credentials.

AddPay is a successful fintech located in Techno Park, Stellenbosch. We have grown by implementing new ideas and equipment in the payment processing industry to enrich payment solutions with automation and great tech. We have a flat structure which results in a broad span of control for our team members with clear recognition and full accountability for contributions. Our business scope spans from e-commerce solutions through to new generation android point of sale solutions.

Our Values


We are a service company, our Clients come first, we help our Clients by providing excellent payment services and great support, no matter which service you choose.


We are team focused, we care about each other. We expect to overcome challenges together, and to grow from that.


The very best product in our company is our people, and we expect to succeed by enabling each of us to express their creative best.


We value integrity, fairness and respect.

Where we fit into the Payment Industry

Globally the rate of change to provide customer convenience and real-time transaction outcomes is increasing. AddPay is driven to provide customer choice, convenience, affordability and security. E-commerce is merging into the shopfront, and therefore payment processing on android merges client Till Point systems and online commerce. 
AddPay operates in both the card-not-present and the card-present transactional environment, and simultaneously enables merchants to benefit from the latest solutions on EFT rails. Our mobile POS devices are robust and our secure app marketplace supports modern android payment applications.

Safe & EASY


Customers want convenience and choice. With AddPay your clients can easily make payments through a variety of methods, from credit cards, online EFT and also QR codes.
We provide you with the latest secure software to make e-commerce a great experience for you and for your customers.
Fill out an application now and select from the variety of payment methods you want your customers to use when paying for your services.
And there’s more…

Payment Methods

Auto EFT
Debit Orders