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Full series Intelligent Business Terminal

Android OS, Large touch screen, Large volume battery & Excellent user experience.

The new market is the retailing of cloud-managed android payment devices. The branded box will include a pre-linked bank account, SIM, and payment applications. Merchant onboarding will be done directly on the new device upon first power-up, with all FICA and RICA processes automatically linked in the background.

AddPay has been servicing the card-not-present market since 2016. Now we are launching a world class payment device to enable us to merge our experience with strong players in the POS market. The new android devices are managed and supported by a powerful Terminal Management System for all updates to be pushed over the air, and with a remote Key Management System.
Our value proposition is convenience, speed, utility, affordability and security. Our devices are uniquely secure, robust, mobile, and support all modern payment and business applications. Addpay’s cloud-managed devices enable the merging of traditional POS business solutions with both card-present and card-not-present ecommerce solutions on the same device. AddPay will soon process Debicheck mandates, adding value through integrating the User’s line-of-business software with AddPay middleware into Bank API.

The new commercial implication is for example: a waiter can immediately send a table’s order to the kitchen on the device without the delay of servicing other tables while walking back. The waiter can later collect payment with split billing on the same device. Customers can card tap, dip or swipe, or use the dynamic Masterpass, Zapper, Snapscan or other QR code payment, and any other valid payment method that we remotely activate. The device can also send a CNP payment link for upfront payment e.g. prior to cooking and delivery, or taking hotel payment remotely for booking deposit, and the GSM tracking makes it ideal for driver delivery payments. The device marketplace also offers 3rd Party Till Point software and VAS or Money Market Apps, and it is possible for example to enable customers to process bank loans right from the Point of sale.
The right fit for your business

WPOS – 3

Intelligent Financial Terminal

Security OS, Android 5.1
Quad-core, 4 x 1.2GHz
1GB DDR3, 8GB Flash Optional: 2+16
5.5 inch, Resolution: 1280 x 720
High Sensitivity Capacitive Touch Screen

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Intelligent Business Terminal

Security OS, Android 5.1
Quad-core, 4 x 1.2GHz
2GB DDR3, 16GB Flash
11.6 inch, Resolution: 1366 x 768
High Sensitivity Capacitive Touch Screen

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Handheld Cloud Terminal

Security OS, Android 5.1
Quad-core, 4 x 1.2GHz
1GB DDR3, 8GB Flash Optional: 2+16
4.5 inch, Resolution: 854 x 480
High Sensitivity Capacitive Touch Screen

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Portable Financial Terminal

Android 5.1 based intelligent POS terminal
Touch Screen and Portable Design
IC Card Reader/ Magnetic Card Reader, Wechat Pay, Alipay
Bar-code/ QR Scanner

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Smart Commercial Terminal

Security OS, Android 8.1
Quad-core, 4 x 1.28GHz
1GB DDR3, 8GB Flash Optional: 2+16
5.0 inch, Resolution: 1280 x 720
High Sensitivity Capacitive Touch Screen
Front Camera: 300K Pixel Auto Focus
Rear Camera: Professional Scanning Camera

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Multiple Security Protections

The system can be accessed safely and with low latency all over the world. Providing multiple security protections to ensure the security of the device cloud. Supporting the long-term connection of millions of devices, and 100,000 messages concurrently.

One-stop Management Services

The system also provides one-stop management services, from data collection to application management. Users manage equipment inventory through networks and labels, analyze and manage equipment, reporting logs, with export capabilities using APl’s.


Payment Methods

Auto EFT
Debit Orders