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Refund and Return Policy

The standard AddPay POS device warranty is a factory-replacement warrantee, valid for 12-months from the date of Terminal Identity (TID) allocation. AddPay will replace defective devices within seven (7) working days.
2. A 24-Month extended Maintenance Plan can be bought and must be registered on the Merchant’s Term Sheet at inception.
2.1 This plan extends the replacement warranty to 24 months from the date of TID allocation and includes remote (over the air) diagnostics and onsite replacement of faulty devices within seven (7) working days.
2.2 The extended warrantee is not available for printers and other accessories.
3. Prior to returning any device you must contact your support line and request an over-the-air assessment.
4. The following categories of warranty can be claimed for a Device:
4.1 Seven (7) day out of box failure:
This is valid in the event that your device has a manufacturing defect, and this is identified and communicated to AddPay within the first seven (7) days from the date of purchase. The complete unit with accessories can be returned for exchange with the same model, subject to the device being assessed at AddPay’s Service & Repair Centre.
4.2 Warranty of quality:
In the event that your device does not meet the standards as set out in Sections 55 and 56 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 within twelve (12) months from the date of activation, you must contact AddPay’s Service & Repair Centre to arrange for the return of the complete unit with accessories to be assessed for replacement. The warranty of quality is subject to the device being assessed at AddPay’s Service & Repair Centre in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty terms.
4.3 Warranty Repair:
If you experience any faults and/or defects with your device after the warrantee period, the device will be assessed and repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty terms.
5. The abovementioned warranties do not cover User-induced damage, wear and tear, damage as a result of negligent or improper or negligent use, or physical damage or corrosion caused by liquid or moisture intrusion. AddPay will charge you a specified amount for repairs related to this type of damage provided it is cost effective to repair the device.
6. In the event that you return any device for repair or assessment, except when you are exercising your rights under sections 54, 56 or 57 of the Consumer Protection Act, AddPay may charge you a fee for assessment, repair, and transport of the device or product to and from our repair and service centre.
7. Out of Box Failures and Defective Goods Claims will be rejected when:
7.1 The Device and Serial Numbers do not match the description on your Term Sheet.
7.2 Device has signs of damage, misuse or abuse, liquid damage indicator has been activated or if liquid damage has been detected.
7.3 Fault reported could not be replicated i.e. no fault found.
7.4 Key-stripped devices do not qualify for an Out of Box Failure claim.
7.5 The claim was not submitted within seven (7) days of device activation.
8. Returns documentation must clearly identify the Support call reference number, Merchant ID and Device Serial Number.
9. The technician’s Visual Inspection report serves as a control when accepting or receiving Devices for a warranty claim.
10. AddPay shall not accept liability for the replacement of any cosmetic enhancements, such as screen protectors, affixed or attached to your device when received for a warranty claim. It is your responsibility to remove these items before handing in your device.

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