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Our exceptional Basket of Services


Support is given to our merchants through phone, email and WhatsApp bot.

Knowledgeable staff that offer support in seven South African languages are always ready to take a call and sort out issues.

We Speak:

English | IsiZulu | IsiXhosa | SeTswana | TshiVenda | XiTsonga | Afrikaans

Our levels of support is explained thus:

L1 – The vis-à-vis interaction and support given by the salesperson
L2 – Telephonic or email support
L3 – Technical support through our terminal management system (TMS)
L4 – A device cannot be repaired remotely and will be replaced immediately


AddPay prides itself in the speed of onboarding for our clients. We have an app that was developed purely as a means to speed up onboarding. Once all FICA documents are scanned into the app, our team do the checks and balances within 10 minutes. This means that once a merchant has our device, they can start transacting in 30 minutes.


Training is provided for:

Platform Use (TMS, PayCloud & Genesis)
Onboarding: Sales (OnApp)
Onboarding: Compliance (Back Office)
Training Device features, Apps, & Remote Merchant Support

Software Development & Programming

All clients have development special needs. Our team of software engineers in South Africa, UAE, Australia and China are ready to assist with whatever you may need to make your solution work. Whether it is an API, software integration or writing an app, our team can definitely do it.


Data is a valuable resource as it offers merchants, business owners and suppliers with crucial information required to make intelligent business decision.

Knowing what product is bought in which are at what price assists business people to make informed business decisions. For example, knowing what soft drink is sold in which volumes, what size and to what demographic will assist in may ways.

Marketers will know which products to punt.
Buyers will know what products to stock.
Businesses will know who their competitors are.
Analysts will know what sells better in which area.

All-in-all data makes us clever and helps businesses to make better decisions.

Payment Methods

Auto EFT
Debit Orders